About our Trip

Dunc and Me

Dunc and Me

My name is Fiona McCartney, and after years of deliberating, I’ve now decided to take a 4-month career break and travel to India. I’m making the journey with my boyfriend, Duncan Thow, who has been to India twice before. As I’ve never done the back-packing travel thing before, I’m relying on Dunc to give me lots of advice before heading out and to be the tour guide once we’ve landed!

On 18th August 2010, we’ll fly from Glasgow to Mumbai to start our trip. The main reason that we’re heading to India is to volunteer with a charity in Pune called Deep Griha Society. The staff and volunteers of the organisation operate out of three main community centres in the rural slum areas of the city, where they provide healthcare; education; family welfare support; and legal advice.

Before jumping head-long into volunteering, we are going to spend a couple of weeks travelling through the Northern state of Rajasthan to help us acclimatise to the temperature and the culture. After we finish volunteering at the start of December, we’ll do some more travelling through the Southern states, and finish off with a holiday on the beaches of Goa.

Hopefully this blog will be a useful way to keep friends and family up to date with our adventures. I hope you enjoy reading!


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