One More Sleep!

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We fly out to Mumbai tomorrow afternoon from Glasgow airport, via Dubai.  In total, the flight is going to last almost 10 hours!  We’re well stocked up on games and sweets to keep us occupied, and will be making good use of the Airport Lounge in Glasgow before we leave – a present courtesy of my lovely sister Heather and brother-in-law Chris Jolly.

Off to do some last minute packing and re-packing now – wish me luck that I can carry all that I pack!



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Hi everyone!  Duncan and I leave for India on 18th August for 4 months, during which time we’ll be doing a little bit of travelling and a lot of volunteering!  We’ll be working for a charity called Deep Griha, where we’ll be working to better the lives of people living in the slums of Pune, India.

Duncan will be spending his time working on the DISHA project, Deep Griha’s Integrated Service for HIV & AIDS.  DISHA is an HIV prevention, treatment, care and support programme, working not only within regular target communities but also with the wider public in Pune.

I’ll be putting my IT and software skills to good use by working in the Yuva Sphurti Kendra IT School as part of the Youth Empowerment Programme.  Open to young men and women aged 18-30, morning sessions provide English language teaching, vocational advice and personality development, and the afternoon is spent learning computer skills. Satyam Foundation provides the teaching staff and has donated 35 computers for the classroom.

We’ll keep you updated with the the day-to-day activities on each of the projects, and welcome your feedback and comments!